Zinc Capital is our real state investment vehicle. Leveraging the firms skill and experience in all aspects of finance, Zinc Capital has strong relationships with our investors and lenders, manages funds on their behalf and deploys capital where there are opportunities to create value.  We have no predetermined commitment to any single asset type.  Our investment philosophy enables us to deploy our resources towards mixed-use, residential, hospitality and commercial assets. Geographic diversity is limited to markets that we feel have strong growth potential. We look at up and coming areas so that long term asset appreciation can be achieved in addition to identifying at  mature areas  opportunity that other people do not see nor have the passion to overcome site challenges.  These two investment approaches allow for unique results and often will result in superlative returns.  


Integrated platform and operational expertise allows us to produce above-average risk-adjusted returns, enter and exit investments at a faster than average rate, and acquire assets under a long term by, hold and repositioning strategies.