Why We Love Yorkville

Yorkville is one of the most celebrated areas in the city of Toronto, known for its high-end spots and luxurious ambiance. Although is has maintained this status for quite a long time now, the last few years have been notable in the way the Yorkville district is changing. As the closest prime location to our Zinc Developments office, as well as the site for a few of our projects (see 36 Hazelton and 11 Bishop), we are passionate about the growth of this ever-changing neighbourhood. 

Founded in 1830 by Joseph Bloore/Bloor, Yorkville was originally a site for Victorian looking homes in an area surrounded by greenery and all things residential. In the 80's, luxury fashion retailers marked their territory when Holt Renfrew and Harry Rosen set up shop on the main street. Now, the area has very few of the hottest names in the retail industry missing from their roster, the most recent additions being the announcement of an 8,700 square foot Chanel flagship to replace the Teatro Verde space on Yorkville Avenue, and the opening of a gorgeously designed Christian Louboutin boutique on the same street. It's no wonder that Bloor-Yorkville is recognized as one of the world's top ten shopping destinations. 

Shopping aside, Yorkville is the destination for high-end hotels, including the Four SeasonsThe Hazelton Hotel and the Windsor Arms. All of these locations house hot-spot bars and restaurants that no matter which night of the week, are bustling with all kinds of people, Toronto-residents and tourists alike. 


Yorkville blends historic lands and structures with a modern take on beauty and elegance. While maintaining much of the original heritage, Yorkville has successfully become the central focus of the city of Toronto when it comes to tourism and prime real estate. It's dynamic neighbourhood combines luxury with history and somehow remains picture-perfect. 

At Zinc, we strive to bring the best quality to our projects without sacrificing character or heritage. Having said that, it certainly makes sense why Yorkville, Toronto would be such a prime location for some of our developments. 

Change Up Your Home Decor Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to interior design, we all know that it's easy to get carried away. You walk into the store for a couple throw pillows, and next thing you know you're completely revamping your entire living room with new accessories. Needless to say, this can be a pricey endeavour, but we at Zinc Developments have got you covered. With a classic yet modern standard of design, we want to share some of our favourite, more affordable places to shop when scouting out items for redecoration. 

Urban Outfitters

  Gumball Floor Lamp in Copper, $159

Gumball Floor Lamp in Copper, $159

With everything from couches, art, lighting, bedding, kitchenware and much more, Urban Outfitters home will surprise you with its vast selection of beautiful decor goods. There is something for every design style whether your taste is more modern or you're attracted to a vintage look. Here you'll find great product quality with luxe textures and fabrics and very unique designs!

Zara Home

  Pinstripe Bed Linen, $39.90-$159.00

Pinstripe Bed Linen, $39.90-$159.00

It's no surprise that as part of the largest apparel retailer group, Zara has come in hot to the home decor market. The selection at Zara Home includes items for bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen to name a few. Whether you want to redecorate your entire living space or you feel the urge to buy a single delicious candle, ZH will have everything you need and then some. 

Home Sense

  "New Rococo" Inspiration

"New Rococo" Inspiration

Although Home Sense can sometimes be a hit or miss, for the most part you can find everything you need and more at this interior accessory wonderland. With it's legendary selection of decorative pillows, cheese boards, bathroom accessories, and coasters, you'll find anything you could possibly need to revamp all the rooms in your living space. The selection is so vast, it appeals to any kind of design style. 

H&M Home

  Velvet Cushion Cover, $19.99

Velvet Cushion Cover, $19.99

Another clothing-retailer-does-home-goods, H&M Home has prices that seem way too good too be true. A recent new comer in the decor industry, this is the perfect place to satisfy your more trendy fixes when you get the urge to redecorate based on the season or for a party you may be throwing. 

At Zinc, we believe that your home should be your favourite place in the world. A place where you can freely express your style and create a unique ambiance that your guests recognize as they walk into each room. If you feel like your bedroom is outdated, that your living room needs some colour pops, or you simply just need a change, we know that these stores will have anything and everything you may be looking for at an affordable cost.

KZ Spot Pick: The Ace Hotel

New York, Los Angeles, London, Seattle. There's something that these major cities, amongst several others, have in common: they've all been adorned with an Ace Hotel. With a passion for hospitality, the Ace believes that a properly run hotel is not only good service, but a true respect for and willingness to go above and beyond when it comes to the well-being of their guests. 

The Ace Hotel is a unique group in that it attracts soulful and creative minds while offering comfort, artistry, events, and of course, good food and drink. The Ace motto revolves around building an authentic, real community where guests can come and express themselves imaginatively while learning from one another. "Work can be a beautiful thing when done beautifully, and it's a lot more fun done together than apart."

 The Ace Hotel, Portland.

The Ace Hotel, Portland.

The "cool" factor of the Ace Hotel is apparent in its collaborations with on-trend brands and companies alike. Hardware, kitchenware, and apparel to name a few are some of the items that you can shop on the Ace website, with available brands that include Kleen Kanteen and Pendleton alongside beautifully designed private label Atelier Ace items. As it turns out, guests love the Ace brand so much that they often want to bring it home with them! 

 Atelier Ace London Shoreditch Duffel.

Atelier Ace London Shoreditch Duffel.

Not to mention a jam-packed events calendar that has enough of a variety to appeal to just about anyone and everyone. Broadway historic theatre tour in LA? Comedic drag show in Palm Springs? Old school dance party in New York? Yoga in Pittsburgh? There is so much more where that came from on the Ace events calendar that can provide fun and unique entertainment for all types of guests, whether they're interests are peaked by music, sports, art, design, literature, you name it. 

 The Sleep-Over (Friday Sept 23rd 2016)

The Sleep-Over (Friday Sept 23rd 2016)

The Ace Hotel vision is to advocate social reform by producing unique and interesting designs and buildings. Despite the lack of conformity, you will still always find everything you need at an Ace along with unexpected luxuries. "Cultural innovation, artistic collaborations and a design aesthetic that mixes uncluttered comfort with a bohemian vibe are Ace's trademark - tailored to each city's sense of place." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

 Ace Hotel 

Ace Hotel 

The Ace speaks to our brand at Zinc Developments with its contemporary, artistic, yet luxurious vibe. The authenticity of the hotel trademark sets the tone for its boutique atomsphere, which is something that we at Zinc are completely familiar with. 



Last Weekend of Summer in Toronto

One week today, our calendars read that "Fall Begins" meaning our beautiful Summer of 2016 is coming to an end. While we are sad to see the hot weather go, Autumn is always an exciting and beautiful time in Toronto. Since it is technically the last weekend of the season, we have compiled a short list of things to get up to this coming weekend in our city. 

Toronto International Film Festival

TIFF has been going on all week and will come to a close on Sunday, September 18th. If you haven't had time to feel the buzz around downtown Toronto what with celebrity stalking, movie premieres, and 4am last call at several bars and nightclubs, this weekend is your last chance to get your fix of Toronto's most Hollywood event of the year

Toronto Beer Week

Beginning Friday, September 16th, this event celebrates the local breweries and beer craft with over 100 events to take part in over the course of the week. If you've enjoyed one too many cold beers on these past summer days, continue the trend into this coming weekend with the best in the city excellently selected venues. Details here.

Toronto Food Truck Festival Ontario

"One Day. One Place. Every Taste" is the slogan for this food truck festival taking place on Sunday, September 18th. With 20+ mouth-watering options, leave your diet at home for one day and check out this fun event for Toronto's foodies.

Roncesvalles Polish Festival

Zinc Developments was a proud sponsor of this fun-filled Toronto festival last year as it takes place in the beloved neighbourhood of 35 Wabash - Roncesvalles. The street is closed down on all of Saturday and Sunday for a cultural celebration of the Polish community, featuring dancing, live music and of course an endless supply of Perogies. 

Apple Reveals the Newest iPhone Design

Although we are a real estate company, we are always able to appreciate a forward-thinking and innovative design-based establishment. Of course, the world leader in this realm is undoubtedly Apple, with billions of people all over the globe who await to see what they will come up with next. Not to mention, they have revolutionized the way we live on a daily basis and how we depend on our phones. 

Of course, once every couple years around the time that the leaves begin to change colour, everyone anxiously awaits what the iPhone will have in store for us next. This week, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and its features, including water and dust resistance, the removal of the headphone jack port, new colour ways and more. 

Apple self-proclaims the new iPhone as a handheld supercomputer, with internal and external designs that are groundbreaking to the smart phone culture. Better battery life, unparalleled displays and a more advanced camera system are promises that Apple has announced with the reveal of the 7. It will certainly be interesting to see if Apple comes through (as they often have) with the new iPhone release - regardless, there are sure to be thousands of people lining up outside their local Apple store to preorder or buy! There is no doubt that since the first iPhone, the design has truly allowed us to live differently, sticking to the Zinc motto that design changes lives. 

Zinc Developments & Hollywood: Our Favourite Celebrity Homes

It’s no secret that the lifestyles of the rich and famous are ones we love to watch on television and hear about in the media. Despite celebrity gossip, we at Zinc can appreciate the home design, architecture and décor that has become available to our world’s most lucrative citizens. Here, we take a look at our top picks for celebrity homes all over the globe that speak to the same style and luxury that we strive for when finalizing our designs at Zinc Developments.

Kendall Jenner’s home in West Hollywood; 4,800 square feet

With clean, sleek lines, the design of Kendall’s home is as modern as it gets. A combination of a light coloured, concrete-looking exterior and large windows, this $6.5 million estate exudes a contemporary vibe that so many home builders strive for nowadays.

 Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s home in Miami; 5,200 square feet

Newly built, this home lets in an enviable amount of natural light through its modern floor-to-ceiling windows that also allow for a spectacular waterfront view from the kitchen. With marble floors, an exterior made of stone, and a rooftop kitchen (just like at 35 Wabash!), there’s no reason to ever leave this stunning abode. 

 Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Demi Moore’s penthouse apartment in New York; 7,000 square feet

Deemed a “castle in the sky,” this triplex penthouse in real estate heaven is a combination of everything one could possible dream of for their living space: history, architecture, location, and design. Combining clean whites and contemporary, light woods, this apartment (if you can even call it that) is a perfect blend of luxurious class and modernism. 

 Demi Moore

Demi Moore

Kim & Kanye West’s Airbnb in New York; 7,000 square feet

This $25 million triplex in Chelsea, New York is the temporary residence for one of Hollywood’s most famous married couples for the coming fall. The interior design is what really caught our eye, with greys, beiges, and other neutrals that exude an aesthetically pleasing and monochromatic Zen. The different textures that make up the decor include velvet, fur, marble, and silk, complimenting each other and creating a fresh tone in this extravagant place. 

 Kim & Kanye's Airbnb

Kim & Kanye's Airbnb

Rough Luxe: The juxtaposition between modern and rough


Rough luxe is an artful dissonance. Its beauty lies within the details, craftsmanship, and history of the pieces that cannot be replicated with the same authenticity that original use can bring. By mixing antique objects with clean lines, innovative materials, and the technology of modern design, you create a stunning environment that will take you on an adventure through time. 


The rough luxe concept rejects extravagance and minimalism, and celebrates raw imperfection, letting objects and spaces from different eras tell their own stories. This mindset treats luxury as a moment in time rather than a thing to be mindlessly consumed. 


Worn and washed surfaces bring warmth. Rich textiles bring luxury. These two styles bring different elements that clash joyfully along with the statement artworks, pristine fittings, and vintage pieces. Buy less, but buy things that have more meaning to create a rugged elegance. 35 Wabash embraces this concept.

How to Spend Your Long Weekend in Toronto

Get excited, because this weekend is a long weekend! There’s nothing better than getting an extra day of your week to relax and get to do things you don’t normally have the chance to do. Instead of staying home all weekend, get out of your house and explore all of the great activities Toronto has to offer! Here are some ideas for places to visit:

The Sorauren Farmers' Market

Head over to the Sorauren Farmers’ Market, located directly across the street from 35 Wabash! Pick up some fresh produce, enjoy freshly baked goods and soak up the summer sun!

The Beach

Toronto has many beautiful beaches for relaxing, tanning and swimming. Pictured above, the Scarborough Bluffs are one of the GTA’s hidden gems. Another great beach located at the Toronto Waterfront is Sugar Beach that is filled with pretty pink umbrellas and white sand. Head over to Woodbine Beach if you would like a more social scene.

Centre Island

Take your family on the ferry to Centre Island to enjoy a fun filled day at the Centre Island Theme Park. The Island has lots of places to grab a bite to eat and relax.

Distillery District

The Distillery District is filled with amazing shops and restaurants. It is filled with culture and is a great place to take pictures. On Sundays, the Distillery District hosts a market with local, fresh, unique, and artisanal products.


Take a morning or afternoon to visit the Royal Ontario Museum and see all of its magnificent exhibitions. Make sure to check out Chihuly and experience groundbreaking explorations in colour, light, and form by Dale Chihuly—a pioneer of the studio glass movement and considered to be one of the world’s foremost artists working in glass today.

Ripley’s Aquarium

Immerse yourself in a world of 16000 aquatic animals at Ripley’s Aquarium located directly across from the CN Tower. The aquarium features several aquatic exhibits including a walk-through tank! It will be open on August 1st, but make sure to buy your tickets in advance.

Summer is going to be over before you know it! Use this weekend as an opportunity to try new things and visit new places. Have a great long weekend!

Brighten Your Living

The lighting in a home is a major make or break factor in the attractiveness of a home. This applies for both the outside and inside of the home. There are a few tips and techniques that can help to brighten your home and essentially brighten your living. Zinc Developments knows about the significance of beautiful lighting, which is why they incorporate well-lit homes in all of their projects. Not only does lighting make the room brighter, but it also has the ability to add some design and decorative pieces to your home!

Unique Chandeliers

In Zinc Developments, Bishop Street project the home is filled with lovely and modern chandeliers that add an overall presence to the living space. Chandeliers are something that you can have fun with and you’re guests will love. Choosing lighting that is unique is a great way to capture the attention in a different spot of the room. People are drawn to the light and they will notice a spectacular chandelier from the moment they step inside.

Opportunity for Change

The best part about having great lighting is that you can always change the chandelier’s to create a completely different look for your home. Adding colourful lighting pieces is a great way to compliment a room that has a lot of neutral colours and needs that pop of colour. Lighting is more than just a resource to brighten a space, and can truly bring out the interior appeal of a room, whenever you’re craving a new and exciting change in your home!

Outdoor Lighting

The weather is warm outside and summer is the time for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. Outdoor lighting is just as important as indoor lighting! Zinc Developments uses outdoor lights with their Bishop Street project. The lights are beside the pool and whirlpool area which create a spectacular emphasis on the beauty of the water. Guests will never want to leave! Another technique to use could be adding candle lit lighting around the outskirts of the backyard, so that there is a warm and comfortable atmosphere for everyone to enjoy!


Spice Up Your Home’s Interior Design

A home’s interior design is a huge representation of the homeowner’s personality! You want your home to feel warm, inviting, and comfortable, without losing out on the practicality and functionality of the home. Zinc Developments fundamental principle is design changes lives and uses this concept when designing homes! Zinc homes are great examples of homes that allow you to express yourself, while also having a spacious and luxurious space. The following three tips will help keep your home’s interior unique, comfortable and timeless!

1. Create Comfortable Conversation Spaces

Regardless of whether you are entertaining or lounging, the living room space of a home is the perfect place to create a unique and luxurious environment. Although the family room is the go-to comfy place, a living room is a great place to use your design skills to revitalize the furniture and wall space. Sectional couches are great for creating a welcoming space for yourself and your guests to interact. You won’t have to worry about awkward spaces in the room because sectional couches create a comfy and inclusive environment!

Colourful pillows are an awesome way to brighten the living room space and transform an ordinary living room into an extraordinary living room! You can have fun with the colour! Maybe pick your favourite colour, or if you want to get really creative design your own custom pillows. Regardless of the colour you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a spectacular space!

2. Create A Unique Desk Space

A unique desk space is one of Zinc Developments signature designs. Zinc Developments, 35 Wabash project, has an impeccable desk space under their classic design staircases. This is a great example of a design that displays both beauty and functionality in a home’s interior space. To add some spunk to your unique desk space, it’s a good idea to include some decorative pieces around the area! This brings together all the fine details in the desk and decor!


3. Covering Wall Space with Interesting Artwork

The artwork in someone’s home says a lot about the homeowner’s personality. Artwork is a great way to create a unique twist to the atmosphere of a room. Depending on the kind of environment you want to create, there are so many options you can take to add emphasis to certain areas or aspects of the room! Some people prefer colourful artwork to create a bright atmosphere, while others prefer black and white artwork to create a simpler and classic space. Regardless of your preference, artwork is the perfect way to share your personality with your guests!

Summer Sweet Spots

Summer’s in Toronto are hot! It’s not only the weather that’s hot, but also all of the phenomenal restaurants and activities happening in the city! The Roncesvalles neighbourhood is home to our 35 Wabash project and is the perfect spot for enjoying all that summer has to offer! The neighbourhood has many well-known cafe’s and diners such as, The Local, where you can enjoy the excellent food and patio. We all enjoy to go out with friends and family to restaurants but it’s always nice to also take advantage of the outdoors. Budapest Park and High Park Zoo are two great spots near in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood to spend some time outside and enjoy the summer weather!

The Local

The Local has been in the Roncesvalles Village for eleven years. They are one of the neighbourhood’s most well-loved restaurants because of their delicious food and friendly atmosphere. Guests keep coming back because every night The Local has different live bands, amazing home-cooked meals, a wide selection of craft beers, and a top shelf whisky collection hand-picked by their staff! The best part about The Local is they also have a backyard patio. The cozy patio space is open seven days a week and is the perfect spot for a guaranteed good time with friends or family!

Budapest Park

Winters are cold in Toronto, and that’s why taking advantage of the warm summer weather is a must! Budapest Park is a great spot to take a stroll and enjoy the warm weather. This park is perfect for every age. Whether the kid’s want to play by the park or someone wants to have a family picnic, everyone will definitely have an enjoyable and relaxing time! Another bonus is while you’re enjoying the outdoors you can check out Zinc Developments beautiful 35 Wabash home and get an even better feel for the friendly village!

High Park Zoo

High Park Zoo is another wonderful spot to spend some time outdoors. Everyone loves the opportunity to see adorable animals! The kid’s will be filled with excitement to see some animals outside of the ordinary cat, dog, and fish. There is tons of space to walk around and enjoy the surroundings. High Park Zoo is a great spot for both the kids and parents!

Celebrating Canada Day in Toronto

Next Friday, July 1st marks Canada's 149th birthday, and of course the city of Toronto is just buzzing with excitement. Here in Toronto we do not take this statutory holiday lightly, we are proud of our diverse country and we can always appreciate a good celebration. Luckily Toronto has plenty of annual events to enjoy as well as many patios, live-music shows, family activities and of course fireworks spectaculars to join in on. So if you’re still looking for ways to enjoy the warm weather that comes along with Canada Day then keep reading because Zinc has got you covered for the long weekend.

Harbour Front Canada Day

Visit Toronto’s central waterfront to celebrate the nation’s birthday. Spend the night enjoying exciting musical performances and activities as well as an incredible firework display over Lake Ontario. This year you won’t want to miss it since the Harbour Front Centre has decided to extend the party all weekend long for their Oh Canada Festival.

Toronto Ribfest

Looking to chow down this long weekend? Toronto’s Ribfest is here for the long weekend from June 30th to July 3rd. It’s an event you surely won’t want to miss! There will delicious food to dine in on, great attractions for the whole family, live professional music and lots more! The best part about the wonderful event is that the event is 100% for charity to give back to the community.

Canada’s Wonderland

If you're looking for a real thrill this Canada Day, then why not spend it at Canada’s Wonderland? Spend the day as a ride warrior experiencing over 200 awesome rides, coasters and attractions then enjoy a spectacular light showing featuring over 6000 colourful action-packed fireworks over Wonder Mountain.


Of course if you’re looking for a classic fireworks show Toronto has many great parks that will feature a full day of festivities as well as kicking the night off in a blast at dusk. Ashbridges Bay is one of the best locations for firework watching, followed by Downsview Park, Queen's Park and lastly Mel Lastman Square which is hosted by the City of Toronto.

Wallpaper For Those Who Tend to Change Their Mind A Lot

Fear no more! This “Tears Off” wallpaper from ZNAK can help you get over your commitment phobia so you never get bored. Your space is unique to you, so why settle for something that you don’t know how you will feel about next week? With this innovative, modular wallpaper, you can customize the appearance of your space by literally tearing off the pieces as you please, revealing the painted wall underneath. 

No more spending countless hours with a frisket, a X-acto blade, and steely focus while stenciling out shapes for airbrushing. ZNAK’s “Tears off” wallpaper does the same thing, but sort of in reverse and with a whole lot less effort. One pattern, so many possibilities. Design inspires lives. At Zinc Developments, we believe in being unique and living in a space that is true to you.

Zinc's Father's Day Guide 2016

Father’s Day is next Sunday and have you started planning gifts and activities for dad? Well, rest assured because we’ve got a variety of ideas for how dad and you can spend the day! Your dad does a lot for you, and if you want to give him a great gift there are some dad-approved clothing stores where you can find it! While you’re spending quality dad time, the Roncesvalles neighbourhood is the perfect spot for some family friendly activities!




Shopping for dad can sometimes be difficult and confusing. However, you can always play it safe with clothing and get him a simple shirt or shorts for the summer weather! Whether or not he’s a business guy or a casual gentlemen, Gotstyle clothing store has a variety of styles that dad will surely love! Gotstyle is a men’s clothing store located on Bathurst and Wellington, right inside of the Distillery District. This is the perfect store to buy a suit or casual apparel for your dad, without breaking the bank!


Another great store to check out is Sydney’s. It is located on Queen West and this menswear retailer sells simple and minimalistic styles that suit men who do not like to dress too loudly. Sydney’s has great high-end clothing but they also have tons of budget friendly clothing if you don’t want to spend too much!


The Ace


Eating is probably one of dad’s favourite things to do and The Ace restaurant is a great family brunch spot! It is located in a hot spot area, at High Park and Roncesvalles. The Ace menu has great variety including eggs, pancakes, waffles, and french toast! There is also a kids menu for your little picky eaters. The best part about The Ace’s location is that after you’re done brunch you can take dad on a walk by our well known 35 Wabash project and enjoy the beautiful design and Roncesvalles neighbourhood!

Easy Restaurant

Easy Restaurant is another great brunch spot to bring dad! They offer the usual delicious brunch staples such as: eggs benny, waffles and french toast. Easy Restaurant’s mexican inspired dishes are what sets them apart; specifically, the Huevos Divorciados, a well-known speciality! This restaurant has something for everyone and you can be sure that dad will enjoy himself. Take the family there on Sunday to enjoy a yummy brunch!


Jay's Game

Is you dad a sports guy? If yes, then going to a Blue Jays baseball game is the perfect spot for bonding time and excitement! The Blue Jays will be giving away free ties for Father’s Day and you know dad will have an amazing time!

Budapest Park

With the beautiful weather you will definitely want to spend some time outdoors, and Budapest park is the perfect place to go! The park is located on Lake Shore Blvd West and is also close to our wonderful 35 Wabash project! Get the chance to play with the kids and catch up, then take a stroll by our well-known 35 Wabash home!

Yorkville Exotic Car Show

A lot of dad’s love cars, and Yorkville’s Exotic Car show is the perfect place to take a dad who has a car passion! There will be over 150 classic and exotic cars, including Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari and more! These cars will be lining the streets of Bloor-Yorkville for the duration of the day. Each year nearly 100,000 people take part in the show, sharing their love of classic and exotic cars. Dad will surely love to be spending time with the people he loves and the cars he loves too!

Regardless of how you spend father’s day, we hope that you enjoy the day and hopefully this blog has helped make your father’s day planning easier! Enjoy!

The Best Places to Ride Your Tokyobike in Toronto

Summer is almost here and with the weather in Toronto getting warmer every day, you’ll definitely want to ride your Tokyobike around the city to soak up the sun. Here are Zinc’s favourite places to ride your Tokyobike this summer:

High Park

Located at Bloor and Keele, High Park is the perfect location to enjoy nature - with an abundance of bike paths that you can ride alongside immaculate scenery.

Edwards Gardens

Being the home of the Toronto Botanical Gardens and a gorgeous park with 10 bike paths for you to choose from, Edward Gardens is the perfect bike stroll for someone with a love of flowers.

The Beach Village

Take a lakeside ride along the beautiful 3 km boardwalk, followed by a small-town charm one block away on Queen Street E. filled with eclectic shops, sidewalk cafes, and vibrant restaurants.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market is full of great cafes, restaurants, vintage clothing shops and parks to ride your Tokyobike. Be sure to give yourself the day to spend there because you won’t want to leave!

This Saturday is supposed to be a beautiful day so be sure to take your Tokyobike for a spin! Enjoy the summer breeze while riding in style.

A Furniture Store Fit For The Jetsons

Built with the highest quality material, it is only right if you fill 35 Wabash with innovative pieces that match your contemporary home.

Rigged with Innit technology, Pirch is a furniture wonderland—it has futuristic appliances that will absolutely floor you. The technology aims to make cooking faster and more efficient. For instance, if you put a bell pepper on a standard cutting board, a surveillance camera will observe the bell pepper, peep inside your fridge to see what other ingredients you have on hand, and then pull up recipes featuring bell peppers and those other ingredients in your fridge, on a nearby TV or smartphone. Not only can it recognize specific foods in your fridge and suggest recipes that incorporate them, but it can also offer nutritional information and tell you when your food will go bad. Once you choose a recipe, it sends the cooking directions to the oven, which will then automatically follow them.

Here are some of our favourite appliances:

This is a dishwasher that opens when you knock twice. How this piece of technology works remains a mystery to us; all we know is that it is German technology.


The only thing that prevents us from drinking multiple bottles of wine is that we can’t finish them all in one sitting. The Dacor Discovery Wine Station can keep an open wine bottle fresh for up to 90 days—the machine pumps argon back into the bottle between uses to preserve the wine.

Although many of Pirch’s products are forward thinking, some are throwbacks like this ‘60s-style oven by La Cornue. Reminds you of the Jetsons, doesn’t it? This pink oven is one-of-a-kind; it took a French craftsman four months to paint by hand.

This range of stainless steel ovens received six coats of paint in a Ferrari factory in Italy to achieve its vibrant shades.

From teal, egg-shaped grills to Yankees-themed grills, Pirch’s selection of outdoor grills caters to every taste.

giphy (38).gif

There are only four 3D-printed faucets by DVX, and Pirch sells two of them. The first faucet pictured has 19 narrow channels for water to flow through. The second faucet pictured above creates an optical illusion. Because the base is hollow, the water seems to magically appear, but it actually flows through the woven, metal channels.