Ride In Style, Live In Style:

When you ride a Tokyobike, you make a statement. Heads turn, eyes shift, pupils dilate. The streamlined design, fluid functionality, and unique color schemes make each Tokyobike an art piece.

A Tokyobike is meant to be seen in public, engrossed in the continuous movement and energy of a city. As much as we would like to ride our bike forever, we all need to rest at some point (even a bike).

There is a common problem many cyclists encounter: storage. When riding a bike around the city, it seems that there is always a lack of areas to securely store one’s bike. When you return home, does the bike live in the basement or in your room?

A Chilean designer has successfully solved this dilemma. Designer Manuel Rossel has introduced a line of furniture that doubles as storage for bicycles.

Take the bike away and you have yourself a modern piece of furniture. Place the bike atop and you have yourself a temporary art piece on display in your living room. Each piece is designed with a groove that easily balances two wheels. Why display a TV when you can display transportation?

“It’s a way to optimize space that’s scarce in urban centers. I personally consider the bicycle to be a beautiful object,” Rossel adds. 

A Tokyobike is already a piece of art, so why not display it? Having a bike on constant display is a great reminder to get outside and ride (if you’re lacking motivation). Rossel sees his designs as “anti-sedentary” furniture, and we couldn’t support the idea more.

If you’re looking to live differently, you may have to wait. Rossel’s furniture is only available locally in Chile, but based on the popularity of the product it is likely Rossel will soon start shipping internationally.

To learn more about Manuel Rossel’s unique furniture visit his Facebook page or website:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chol1.industrial
Website: http://www.chol1.cl/