A Touch of James Bond Gadgetry in Your Home:

There are a number of reasons why someone would want to install a Cardok garage on their property. Mainly, those who live in cities that have limited space by their home, which stops them from building a conventional garage. This is where Cardok comes in handy, and provides a sleek solution to a reoccurring problem.

These days, a family owning two cars in the city is not unusual. Yet a small driveway beside their home seems to be a theme we see again and again.

In 2004, the Swiss firm based in Geneva brought the idea of creating a hydraulic system that is capable of lifting 3 tons on each platform. Storing a car underneath, the platform only takes 30 seconds to fully lift, with another car still on top. The dock is remotely operated from the comfort of your home or while in your car, making it ideal for when the weather gets rough.

Some customers appreciate Cardok because the spot underneath allows the earth to virtually become a safe in the ground, away from thieves. Others value the space it saves, leaving the ground open for larger gardens and landscaping without the “clutter” of a car. Would you opt for the Cardok solution?