In Ken’s Circle: Serge Becker & Guest of a Guest Questionnaire

Serge Becker is a well-known New Yorker famous for his creative designs and aesthetics and also for being an NYC nightlife powerhouse. He is the proud owner and designer of Jamaican/Caribbean spot, Miss Lily’s, as well as La Esquina, The Box, Maison O., and Joe’s Pub. In reading about Becker, we came across his Guest of a Guest online questionnaire and were delighted by the ability to get to know him on a somewhat raw and personal level – not only by his honest yet witty answers but also in their hand-written format. 




Whilst the President of Zinc Developments, Ken Zuckerman, is a behind-the-scenes kind of guy (as is Becker) we wanted to facilitate the same kind of enjoyment for our readers in getting to know him just a little. We felt that by doing so, they could learn more about the mindset behind the Zinc brand and what makes us truly different.


Inspired by Guest of a Guest’s You Should Know: Serge Becker

What do you actually do all day? Think

 Favourite song growing up? Bennie and the Jets Elton John

 My biggest secret is… Kept

 Why do you live in Toronto? It’s home!!!

 Uber, Taxi, Subway, or tokyobike? All of them

 My motto is… Never quit

 My alter ego is… Superman

 The last drink I had was… Perrier

 My secret crush is… Probably best if I kept that one to myself

 What was your first job? Washing cars

 If you had one day left to live in Toronto what would you do? Spend it with my wife and son

 Coming from? Going to? No idea but I’ll get there

 What is your favourite work of art? Paris

 Who should we know? Me!