Art Fuels Design: Adult Coloring Books

Take one step inside a bookstore and you can see practically instantaneously: adult coloring books have come in hot. Having grown in popularity quite recently, although they officially hit the market about two years ago, they come in all different shapes (you can find ones that are postcard size) and themes, including nature, mosaics, fashion, animals, and many more. 

Some of the coloring book pages are actually quite intimidating, with many fine lines and small corners to weave through with your choice of utensil, whether it be a marker, crayon, or color pencil. However, a large portion of what the books sell is their ability to de-stress and calm the artist. In fact, there are a lot of books that gear towards this state of meditation entirely, including art therapist Lacy Mucklow’s collection: Color Me Calm, Color Me Happy, and Color Me Stress-Free – all national best-sellers. 

With all of the technological distractions we have in everyday life along with daily stresses, it is inspiring to see a new commodity of artistic inspiration rise to the surface. At Zinc, we find peacefulness and serenity in art, whether it is a famous piece in a gallery or a unique one that we created ourselves in our adult coloring book. Art and design is what the Zinc brand is powered by.