Watch Out Barbie – There’s a New Ken in Town

We recently visited Selfraits - Toronto’s first three-dimensional portrait studio to make our own tiny scale replica of Zinc president, Ken Zuckerman.

The 3D photobooth is a white tent, pitched inside their studio that contains 135 DSLR cameras, which simultaneously captured Ken from all angles.

After Ken’s photo session, we chose the pose we liked best.  Then photos are off to the digital sculptors and printers. They apply finishing touches to the 3D image using a digital modelling tool called ZBrush, to make corrections to shadows. 

The 3D printer uses ink and printing powder combining into a plaster, which over the course of 3 hours, creates 500 wafer thin lines until the figurine takes shape.

Screen shot 2015-12-11 at 4.21.05 PM.png

Once the print is complete, the figurine gets dipped into wax, and then put into a toaster oven to set. Once cooled, its packed up and shipped. In just a week we’ll have our very own Ken Doll!