Space Saving Designs: Forward Thinking

Going back to the 40’s when the ironing board, or breakfast table would pop out of the kitchen wall in your small New York apartment, space saving furniture is making a modern comeback.

Particularly, this 500 square foot London town home has its main bed suspended under a large, skylight window. Only accessible by staircase beside it, it saves floor space for the office/living space.

The bathroom to this townhome is featured next to the kitchen. With the bath itself directly in the open with only a shower curtain separating you from your dining room table. The exposed bath allows for the designer to keep the open concept, but unfortunately does the
same for privacy.

However, allowing the indoors to be compact allows the rooftop terrace to be spacious, which is hard to find with a townhome of this size. Whether you love it or hate it, this townhome features interesting ideas.

Forward thinking and a modern touch allow this compact townhome to utilize space vs. privacy perfectly, much unlike Zinc Development designs.