Z for Zinc: Why It Makes For Good Design

The Z-layout is used often in design. Aesthetically, it's effective because it forces the eye to naturally follow the 'Z' path, showing hierarchy in your design. It quickly and effectively moves the eye from point 1 in the top left corner of the Z to part 4 in the bottom right corner. From web design to furniture architecture, the Z concept is a solid starting point for all effective designs. Below, we've featured great design that uses the Z theory:

1) Real - bar stool

Executing modern and original lines, this bar stool is a statement piece for a contemporary or modern environment.

2) ZLine - School Furniture 

With it's dynamic form and playful colours - The ZLine of school furniture offers vibrant and stimulating environments in schools to improve the educational experience for children.

3) Michele Reginaldi - Architect

His designs perfectly execute the Z concept. He constructs all his models to follow the relationship between proportion and environment for a definitive aesthetic design.

4) Zinc Developments - logo

The Z concept truly shines through in the Zinc logo. Its simple call to action design allows the Z pattern to form a framework for a simple, effective layout.