Design Changes Lives:

What makes groundbreaking design? One that at it’s highest and it’s best, can alter the lives of the receiving market. Zinc president, Ken, has a radar for untapped opportunity. He loves puzzles, and fills gaps. What inspires Ken is those who create innovative designs. Below we’ve featured new designs and advancements in prosthetics. Cutting edge technology and designs that revolutionize the prosthetic community:

1) In 2012 the Summer Olympics sparked technology to improve the ability of the Paralympics. Industrial designer, Yanin Kramsky, combined lower leg prosthetic and a figure skating blade in this beautiful looking concept:

2) Bespoke Fairings in San Francisco specializes in coverings that surround a prosthetic leg, accurately recreating the form in a beautiful design. They’re goal is to allow the consumer to express their personality and individuality.

3) Industrial designer, William Root, from New York uses 3D scanning, modelling and printing to create customized prosthetic limbs. Root believes that appearance need not suffer for the sake of increased function. He’s designed “Exo” which is a 3D mesh model that uses durable titanium and can be altered in any color the consumer prefers.

 Love inspires art.

Art fuels design.

Design changes lives.