Zinc Developments: Cruise In Style With Virtue Bike

“It’s not sport; it’s not hobby, nor is it recreational. It’s lifestyle.”

Founded in 2009, Virtue Bike is a San Diego based cycling company that believes life is better when cycling is incorporated into our everyday routines. Whether you cycle for exercise, fun, or simply to commute, Virtue Bike wants cycling to become a ubiquitous part of your life. 

Virtue Bike originally started manufacturing fixed gear bikes due to the high demand for clean lines and sleek looks. Recognizing the trend, but wanting to eliminate the “have-to-keep-pedalling” factor, Virtue Bikes designed a road bike with a coaster break (so you can keep rolling). The Virtue One was born.

After the initial success of the Virtue One, Virtue Bike began introducing various models and lines of their successful brand. In the same year, the Virtue Seven (multi-speed), Virtue Curve1 and Curve7 (women’s models) were rolled out.

In 2010 Virtue Bike recognized a new trend: velodrome bikes were hitting the streets. The ability to race fast, skid down hills, and frame durability were the primary goals of their new product. The Virtue Valor for “speed” and Revive for “street” were introduced next.

After spending some time in Los Angeles and analyzing what cyclists laced, Virtue Bike shifted focus to ergonomic riding and leisurely cruising. The Virtue Ortho (ergonomic), Virtue Tank (beach cruiser), and Virtue Campus were manufactured to fill specific cycling niches.

Simplicity, functionality, and creativity are the core principles that have helped drive the success of Virtue Bike over the years. Just like Zinc Developments, Virtue Bike strives to live and function differently from the status quo by focusing on their core passion projects to drive business and brand growth. Creating something unique and memorable has been vital to the success of Virtue Bike, and Zinc Developments.

There is no better way to explore your new neighbourhood of Roncesvalles than with a new Virtue Bike. Equip yourself with the best, live differently, and enjoy the many marvels that 35 Wabash and the surrounding area have to offer.

Happy cruising.