Perfect Cocktails, No Tip Required With Somabar

When the weekend rolls around, it’s nice to go out, unwind, and enjoy a drink or two with friends. But the crowds, and the cost can put a damper on things. Staying in and entertaining from home is always an option, but trying to make a tasty cocktail that’s not overly sweet or boozy is much easier said than done.

Ammar Jangbarwala and Dylan Purcell-Lowe are working to change that with the Somabar.

The Somabar is an automated bartender that makes perfect cocktails in under five seconds with the push of a button.

No shakers or strainers required, just your phone and reliable WiFi. The Somabar has been designed to fit in your kitchen and be the catalyst of many great parties. Jangbarwala and Purcell-Lowe also want to ensure it’s affordable.

 “Two years ago we had this aha moment and realized there was no affordable automated bartending solutions in existence. With the only automated bartenders costing around $4,000, we figured something had to be done.” Their product is currently listed at $429.

 This ingenious device is not (yet) in stores, but the L.A. based duo launched a Kickstarter campaign last November and are using the money perfect their product so it can be manufactured and shipped to your door.  

Curious to know how it works? Once the Somabar app has been downloaded and your personal bartender has been connected to WiFi, fill the special Soma Pods with the ingredients required to make the drink you want. 

The app will provide a menu based on the ingredients you already have and can also tell you what you’ll need to make a specific drink. Press the cocktail you want and the machine will mix the ingredients together before dispensing a perfect Irish cactus, silver fizz or classic martini. The Somabar gives you the freedom to make your cocktails strong or weak, and to create your own drinks too.  

Throw the best dinner or birthday parties in all of Roncesvalles and make your neighbours at 35 Wabash jealous of your infamous cocktails. Preorder the Somabar here