In Ken’s Circle: Danny Bowien

If you’ve ever dined at Mission Chinese, you know chef and owner Danny Bowien doesn’t mind turning up the heat on his customers. Located in San Francisco and New York, the inventive restaurant is notorious for its spicy dishes and drinks including Kung Pao pastrami, Chongqing chicken wings and beer spiked with smoked-clam juice, chile oil, and a rimmed with crushed chiles and Sichuan peppercorns.

The chef is undoubtedly creative and can’t help but to do things differently, but does his fiery side come home with him?

Bowien was recently interviewed by GQ Magazine and revealed that, contrary to the culinary masterpieces he prepares in his restaurants, he prefers much simpler dishes when he’s cooking for himself or his family.

“My kitchen at home is by no means an R&D lab,” said Bowien, “I want to separate my work life from actual life.”

He spoke highly of one classic comfort food in particular. 

“Ever since I lived by myself I made a really simple, classic, chicken broth when I would cook. It’s restorative. When I'm at home I want to have healthy, clean food that is quick and accessible. As a young cook I learned how to make sure I had nice clarification on the broth, but now I know what to look for, so it’s much easier. And since my wife is a better cook than I am I get to eat her soup.”

The recipe is easy to follow, and doesn’t ask too much of your time because, like most of us, Bowien doesn’t want to spend his entire evening cooking after a long day of work.  

“I don’t like to think about food when I am at home, especially after working a 90-hour week. If I am spending two or three hours cooking at home I may as well be at the restaurant.”

If you want to try making Bowien’s chicken broth, or a variation of it, you can get the recipe and cooking instructions here.