The Wabash Community Centre

A long time daydream could finally be coming to the Roncesvalles community. Councillor Gord Perk’s office brought good news to local Roncesvalles residents that gathered at the annual general meeting of the Wabash Building Society earlier this summer. Simply put, the funding for the long-awaited Wabash Community Centre has been secured!

Funding for the Wabash Community Centre is part of Toronto’s 10-year capital plan which focuses municipal investment into parks, forestry and recreation. Based on preliminary estimates, the Wabash Community Centre is set to receive a total of $34 million during the 2017-2023 period (covering design and construction). 

The proposed Wabash Community Centre plans to include a gym space, several multipurpose rooms, recreation and culture rooms, youth lounge café, and third-floor event spaces with a walk-out terrace. It’s important to note that design changes are to be expected, as these are still preliminary plans.

The city has already invested over $3 million into the site and with design plans being finalized, that number is only going to increase.

It’s an exciting time to be living in Roncesvalles with so many great community projects being unveiled.

There’s simply no better time to call 35 Wabash home. Register today.