The Macchina Mobile Cafe

A little orange truck that delivers the taste of Europe. That’s the Macchina mobile cafe, and it’s becoming increasingly popular as it makes its rounds on the streets of Toronto.

Don’t expect an average cup of jo from this small, Vespa inspired mobile cafe. Macchina (which is Italian for both machine and car) prides itself on delivering the absolute best tasting espresso, macchiato, Americano and latte. It also carry a delicious variety of sweet treats including a unique cookie café and dulce de leche cookie.

Macchina is unlike any other Toronto food truck for several reasons. For one thing, it can operate both in and outdoors. For another, it offers catering and on-the-go services to companies that don’t specialize in espressos.

 Zinc Developments and 35 Wabash recently teamed up with Macchina to provide caffeine deprived Torontonians with complimentary coffee. The community is thrilled, to say the least.  

So far, they’ve set up shop at the Polish Festival in Roncesvalles and at Ryerson University near Yonge and Dundas.

For updates on Macchina mobile cafe, follow @macchinamobile on Instagram or Twitter. And don’t forget to visit 35 Wabash for the latest on this inspired Roncescalles development as well as local news and events.