How to Read a Floorplan:

Floor plans give architects, designers and homeowners a two-dimensional birds eye view of a level in a house. They focus on the functional aspects of a home such as structure, circulation pattern, stair location as well as door and window placement, leaving the overall feel and design up to your imagination. With this lack of design it can be hard to envision how your home will actually look. We have come up with 5 easy ways to help you understand your new space using the floor plans from a 3 bedroom at 35 Wabash.


  1.  Understand where the front of the house is - this will help you situate yourself in the space. The image on the left is the main floor of the house, the entry way is on the south end of the plan.
  2. Take note of where the supporting walls are to better understand the shape and dimension of the room. Walls are drawn with thick parallel lines with breaks where the windows and doors occur.

  3. The direction of the semi circles at the door break in the wall indicates which direction the doors will open, this will help you understand the circulation of the room. 

  4. Remember that the furniture drawn into the room is only a place holder to help you understand your space. 

  5. Dotted lines are placed to indicate an overlap of two areas, for example a different layer of stairs that may be behind a wall on a different floor. The image below indicates where the stairs will begin on the main floor and end on the next in front of the master bedroom.



    When reading the plans from 35 Wabash, you can see that the interior is 1622 sq.ft. It’s an open concept, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with the windows at the back at the unit facing the terrace. The temporary furniture placement allows the reader to get the flow of the open concept design.