How does 3D rendering work?

3D rendering is the creative process of producing a full image on the computer that is essentially most comparable to photography. For Zinc Developments, 3D rendering is used on every project. Before the site is built, 3D renderings help the clients get a complete feel of the space, design, architecture and even day/evening lighting, which allows for an almost exact sense of how the space will be depicted. There is no better way to understand the design that to see it in 3D, rather than relying on imagination. Below we’ve outlined the steps of how 3D rendering works in 35Wabash:


1) Architects send a rendering of the floor plan for the modellers to start developing the structure of each room:

2) Once the room structures are completed and approved, interior designers send a mood-board (which is inspiration of desired textures, materials, lighting, etc.) for the modellers to recreate and place within the room:

3) From the mood-board and structures, the modellers put it all together to create the final hi-res rendering of the 3D model: