Ken Zuckerman's Porsche Model Car Collection


Some people collect key rings – Ken Zuckerman collects model cars. Specifically, he goes for all things Porsche and keeps a mini-sized parking lot on display in his office as a personal touch. For many of the models, the actual cars are no longer available for sale and are considered vintage. For others, they serve the purpose of racing or are simply too valuable to use on the city roads at all. Thus collecting the model cars provides a small and playful fix for any customer who is passionate about this brand. 


The cars’ true-to-life details are fascinating and do justice to the Porsche brand’s high quality standard. Some of the model cars contain real leather interiors and others have removable rooftops, to name a few. 


It’s no surprise that with Ken Zuckerman’s undeniable taste in quality that he enforces in Zinc’s standards, he has a passion for excellence when getting behind the wheel – as well as model car collecting!