Ways to make your home look like it’s professionally designed:

Sometimes we need a little help designing our home, especially if it’s our first home and we’ve bought it unfurnished. Alternately, whether we’ve lived in our home for two months or two years, we’re dying for a change of scenery but not location. Below we’ve outlined a few tips on how to transform your home to reflect your style and personality with examples from our 35Wabash project:


Stay away from the generic art pieces you can find, for a few more dollars, you can get a unique, custom, and more expensive look.  Visit flea markets and antique stores to find some vintage drawer knobs or table books that will add an expensive-looking accent to your room.

Scatter your art:
Create a personalized look by scattering your art finds, or pictures among the wall. It also creates a statement wall, which can make a space look larger.

Customize your lighting:
Interesting lights add statement pieces to a room, and grab guest’s attention when they walk in. Without breaking the bank, visiting second-hand stores and auctions are amazing places to find unique pieces that stand out.

Roll out a rug:
Besides providing comfort to a room, rugs offer design inspiration. Area rugs also make a space look bigger than it actually is. In addition to adding some personality to a dull space, a rug with a horizontal-stripe pattern can make a narrow space look wider.

Keep it clean:
Keep your home clean and organized. Make sure that all your belongings have a place to stay in order to reduce clutter and throw out anything you don’t use.

Whether it’s the right rug or the perfect picture to tie the place together, we hope you’re inspired to make a change in your home. After all, art fuels design, and design changes lives.