Large Scale vs Small Scale: ART

When most think of creating art with a pencil, they don’t think of carving the lead of the pencil. That is, unless you’re Salavat Fidai.

Salavat is a Russian artist whose sculptures and paintings sell on Etsy for up to over $3,000. He uses an X­ACTO knife to recreate the likes of Yoda, Neil Armstrong and famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower. His patience and attention to detail shows how crucial and time consuming art and design can be, with some of his sculptures taking up to 12 hours of work.

Designing with creativity helps people rethink the world they live in, and helps them to marvel at everyday, mundane objects (such as a pencil). If it changes how we perceive the world, then it’s changing lives, as design does. That’s why at Zinc we pride ourselves on the same level of attention to detail, however on a much larger scale.