Product and presentation go hand in hand:

Everybody loves a great product, but a product with great presentation is even better. Presentation and product have always worked hand in hand, your product could be beautiful, but lack functionality, and vice versa. The best products on the market value both the presentation and functionality of their products. 

Concepts, a premier shoe boutique put no limits on their presentation in their collaborations with Nike and Asics. Both companies known to make high quality athletic footwear, were brought to another level by Concepts – a level that goes far beyond the shoes.

Dynamic boxes that complement the products which they hold help consumers not only become excited about their new product, but also the experience of them, and their undeniable uniqueness.

The “Miami” (below) was given packaging that mimics stacks of money which subtly ties into the green upper of the shoe, and is generally loved by Miami locals who enjoy seeing what looks like piles of cash in their closet.

Biblical inspiration was drawn, naturally, for Nike’s “Holy Grail” complete with a wooden puzzle  to be solved to open the box. Serious consumer experience.

Concepts has taken prevalent and established brands and made them even more unique, exclusive, and consumer­minded. This high level presentation allows consumers to have an entire experience with the product, which arguably, could easily be a collectable.

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