Roncesvalles Store Spotlight: Livestock

It’s no surprise that Roncesvalles is an area of Toronto that attracts some of the hippest brands and retail spaces in the city with its culture focused vibe and community. One of these in particular is Livestock Roncesvalles, a store that houses the hottest brands and commodities in today’s sneaker nation. Livestock has five locations in Canada, two of which are in Toronto, and brands itself as Canada’s premiere apparel and footwear boutique. 

With our 35 Wabash project going up in Roncesvalles, we at Zinc really took the time to get to know the community and it didn’t take us long to learn that it is full of artisans and culture-hungry people of all kinds. The "Sneakerhead" community is part of this widespread and diverse association, and Livestock is the perfect place for its collectors to get their fix. 

Livestock is one of many stores in Roncesvalles that attracts unique individuals with a design-oriented sense of style. Zinc Developments enforces that design changes lives, so we are able to appreciate any place that fuels a creative hobby through their retail experience and brand association.