KZ Spot Pick: Murray’s Cheese & In Ken’s Circle: Ana Diogo Draper

When two great things come together, we at Zinc Developments have a difficult time containing our excitement. This evening, Murray’s Cheese on Bleecker Street in New York City is hosting an event where attendees have the opportunity to share stories and wine with Ana Diogo Draper, the Director of winemaking at Artesa Winery in Napa Valley. Mike Ciardi, the executive chef at Murray’s Cheese has created a distinctive menu to compliment the exquisite wine flavours. 

Murray’s Cheese has been around for decades with its quaint, post-war history and humble back-story. The shop has managed to maintain it’s authentic ambience, though it’s now grown to having two locations, several kiosks at various supermarkets, and a successful e-commerce business. In 2012, they opened up Murray’s Cheese Bar in the hopes that they could bring their brand and wealth of food knowledge to mealtime.

Ana Diogo Draper has been in the winemaking industry for many years and thrived in a number of different roles. With her European descent, she learnt the ropes from a young age based on her homeland traditions and fascination with agriculture. The first woman to hold the highest status of winemaking at Artesa, a combination of passion and hard work has allowed her to build her legacy.


Tonight’s event, part of Murray’s Meet the Maker” series is inspired by the goal to understand the stories of those who work behind the scenes. While the servings at the event are sure to be delicious, the special menu drives a showcase of the diversity and quality of cheese makers on both the east and west coasts. At Zinc Developments, we can appreciate anyone who brings ideas to life from the back office. We understand the intricacies of putting together a detail-oriented project and designing something with the customer in mind, the same way Murray’s Cheese designed tonight’s particular menu to pair well with the specific wines being served. Plus – who doesn’t love a good collaboration!