You Don't Have to Feel Left Out From Gardening

As summer approaches and the beautiful weather unfolds, city dwellers might feel left out from all the gardening that’s happening around them. However, there’s a solution: why not create your own mini-world full of lush and beautiful plants by making your own terraniums? Bring life to your space with a little green.

Terraniums are easy-to-make, low-maintenance, and can last almost indefinitely given a healthy dose of indirect light and an occasional spritz of water.

Be creative when choosing your glass containers. These glass containers can be anything, from gorgeous, hand-blown glass, to old coffee pots that have their handles removed.

Some plants require more moisture; so closed containers would be better. Other plants require less humidity; so opt for open containers instead.

Here are some favourites:
-Baby’s Tears
-African Violet
-Creeping Fig

The type of plant you choose will determine whether your container will be opened or closed.

What type of plant you choose will also determine what type of materials you need to mimic their natural environments.

a) Begin by placing small rocks at the bottom of the container. This will act as drainage.

b) Pour a thin layer of charcoal above the rocks to keep the soil fresh, and then sand across the top of that.

c) Add soil. (Steps 1-3 should equal about one-third the height of your selected container with the soil layer being the thickest.)

d) Place your plants in the soil and lightly pack it. Feel free to add any landscaping accessories in your terranium to add some interest and a pop of colour!

Who says you can’t garden if you’re a condo or townhome dweller? 35 Wabash offer residents private rooftop terraces, the perfect modern pied-de-terre, where barbequing, lounging, stargazing, and entertaining can all happen storeys high. Fill your sunny terrace with terraniums and wow your guests!