A Furniture Store Fit For The Jetsons

Built with the highest quality material, it is only right if you fill 35 Wabash with innovative pieces that match your contemporary home.

Rigged with Innit technology, Pirch is a furniture wonderland—it has futuristic appliances that will absolutely floor you. The technology aims to make cooking faster and more efficient. For instance, if you put a bell pepper on a standard cutting board, a surveillance camera will observe the bell pepper, peep inside your fridge to see what other ingredients you have on hand, and then pull up recipes featuring bell peppers and those other ingredients in your fridge, on a nearby TV or smartphone. Not only can it recognize specific foods in your fridge and suggest recipes that incorporate them, but it can also offer nutritional information and tell you when your food will go bad. Once you choose a recipe, it sends the cooking directions to the oven, which will then automatically follow them.

Here are some of our favourite appliances:

This is a dishwasher that opens when you knock twice. How this piece of technology works remains a mystery to us; all we know is that it is German technology.


The only thing that prevents us from drinking multiple bottles of wine is that we can’t finish them all in one sitting. The Dacor Discovery Wine Station can keep an open wine bottle fresh for up to 90 days—the machine pumps argon back into the bottle between uses to preserve the wine.

Although many of Pirch’s products are forward thinking, some are throwbacks like this ‘60s-style oven by La Cornue. Reminds you of the Jetsons, doesn’t it? This pink oven is one-of-a-kind; it took a French craftsman four months to paint by hand.

This range of stainless steel ovens received six coats of paint in a Ferrari factory in Italy to achieve its vibrant shades.

From teal, egg-shaped grills to Yankees-themed grills, Pirch’s selection of outdoor grills caters to every taste.

giphy (38).gif

There are only four 3D-printed faucets by DVX, and Pirch sells two of them. The first faucet pictured has 19 narrow channels for water to flow through. The second faucet pictured above creates an optical illusion. Because the base is hollow, the water seems to magically appear, but it actually flows through the woven, metal channels.

The tubs don’t disappoint either. This tub has a bass system built into it, which causes it to vibrate. The touchpad on the wall allows bathers to choose the style and volume of the beats that pulse through the water.

This shower system by BainUltra can be programmed to shine coloured lights, emit smells, and play relaxing sounds. For example, if you choose the “love” setting on the menu, the shower plays sensual music.

Pirch shows people what’s possible. What if you had a pink oven? What if you had a dishwasher that opens automatically simply by knocking on it twice? What if your refrigerator can show you when your milk’s going to go bad? Design changes lives.