Wallpaper For Those Who Tend to Change Their Mind A Lot

Fear no more! This “Tears Off” wallpaper from ZNAK can help you get over your commitment phobia so you never get bored. Your space is unique to you, so why settle for something that you don’t know how you will feel about next week? With this innovative, modular wallpaper, you can customize the appearance of your space by literally tearing off the pieces as you please, revealing the painted wall underneath. 

No more spending countless hours with a frisket, a X-acto blade, and steely focus while stenciling out shapes for airbrushing. ZNAK’s “Tears off” wallpaper does the same thing, but sort of in reverse and with a whole lot less effort. One pattern, so many possibilities. Design inspires lives. At Zinc Developments, we believe in being unique and living in a space that is true to you.