Rough Luxe: The juxtaposition between modern and rough


Rough luxe is an artful dissonance. Its beauty lies within the details, craftsmanship, and history of the pieces that cannot be replicated with the same authenticity that original use can bring. By mixing antique objects with clean lines, innovative materials, and the technology of modern design, you create a stunning environment that will take you on an adventure through time. 


The rough luxe concept rejects extravagance and minimalism, and celebrates raw imperfection, letting objects and spaces from different eras tell their own stories. This mindset treats luxury as a moment in time rather than a thing to be mindlessly consumed. 


Worn and washed surfaces bring warmth. Rich textiles bring luxury. These two styles bring different elements that clash joyfully along with the statement artworks, pristine fittings, and vintage pieces. Buy less, but buy things that have more meaning to create a rugged elegance. 35 Wabash embraces this concept.