Apple Reveals the Newest iPhone Design

Although we are a real estate company, we are always able to appreciate a forward-thinking and innovative design-based establishment. Of course, the world leader in this realm is undoubtedly Apple, with billions of people all over the globe who await to see what they will come up with next. Not to mention, they have revolutionized the way we live on a daily basis and how we depend on our phones. 

Of course, once every couple years around the time that the leaves begin to change colour, everyone anxiously awaits what the iPhone will have in store for us next. This week, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and its features, including water and dust resistance, the removal of the headphone jack port, new colour ways and more. 

Apple self-proclaims the new iPhone as a handheld supercomputer, with internal and external designs that are groundbreaking to the smart phone culture. Better battery life, unparalleled displays and a more advanced camera system are promises that Apple has announced with the reveal of the 7. It will certainly be interesting to see if Apple comes through (as they often have) with the new iPhone release - regardless, there are sure to be thousands of people lining up outside their local Apple store to preorder or buy! There is no doubt that since the first iPhone, the design has truly allowed us to live differently, sticking to the Zinc motto that design changes lives.